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Church mission and values


As a family of believers, we are committed to glorifying Jesus Christ by serving the community and each other with God’s love and grace.


We will glorify God by making disciples who love Him completely and love others sacrificially.

Through demonstrating Christ’s unconditional love to our neighbours, we will transform our community, our church family and our world; we will see lives changed, families changed, neighbourhoods, workplaces, and communities impacted because of our presence.


In any situation, values are confirmed by actions, not just words.  Our Core Values will be expressed by loving God in worship and through our interactions with our community and each other.  They are not just what we believe, or what we wish, they are what we live each day.  While we embrace many important values, the following have been identified as critical to carrying out Our Mission and Our Vision:

Gathering and leading people into the presence of God through worship so we can be transformed and mobilized to live for His pleasure.         Rom. 12:1

Equipping and developing each believer for a significant ministry by developing their God-given gifts, passions, talents, personalities and experiences to serve God by serving
others.    2 Cor. 4:15

Empowering each believer with God’s Word for a personal life mission of sharing the love and message of Jesus Christ.    1 Peter 3:15

Reaching people in our community who need to be welcomed into the body of Christ whether they be seekers or un-churched neighbours who desire to be part of God’s family.    John 13:34,35

Helping believers to be grounded in the Christian faith, to become like Christ, and to grow in their participation within the body of Christ.              2 Peter 3:18a

Recognizing that our time, treasure, and talent is a trust from God to be used as channels of His grace to meet the needs of others.                       1 Cor. 4:2